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Talk Reviews 2018 / 2019

25 October 2018   Thomas Stone   Gardening for Wildlife

Our series of talks for the Autumn started with an illustrated presentation by Thomas Stone entitled  'Gardening for Wildlife'.Thomas has been gardening since he left school having grown up on the Mottisfont estate in Hampshire.

Thomas reminded us that all gardens need wildlife for example bees and butterflies,  and all healthy soil needs worms, beetles and smaller creatures. His talk was illustrated with lovely slides of the types of wildlife and ways to attract them into our gardens.

He encouraged us to introduce water into our gardens, whether just a small area like a bird bath, or a pond with sloping sides, with various plants for creatures to hide under.

He explained that it is good to provide homes for wildlife e.g. log piles, bee and insect homes, bird feeders and boxes for nesting in. Thomas said that compost heaps are the heart of the garden and homes for many creatures including slow worms. It is good also to have rotten wood where stag beetle larva can live.

All in all it was an interesting talk urging us to encourage more wildlife into our gardens.

Thomas bought with him some gardening items for sale and greeting cards featuring photos which Thomas has taken and which are available on his blog.  




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