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Me and My Garden

Committee Members Chris and Nigel Turner share their garden with us. 

Q.  Garden or Allotment? 

A.   Garden, definitely!  We have an allotment, but the garden is my peaceful place, we live out here and entertain here.  Sometimes visitors come and don’t get to see inside the house. (We like to sit here drinking wine - Nigel!)

Q.   Flowers or Vegetables?

A.   Flowers, they make me smile! I love hellebores, hostas and agapanthus.  I love foliage plants and have lots of hostas.  We aren’t troubled with slugs; we recently lost our chicken who would devour them for us, but they seem not to be a problem here.  We bought the agapanthus home from a holiday in Madeira and they are beautiful big flowers. Veggies are to eat, not to look at.

Q.  The best part of my garden.

A.   I don’t think there is a best bit.  I like the way the garden and foliage is green, just dotted with flowers.  I like the foliage of the hostas and the way the foliage of the Golden Hop (a recent Plant Exchange success) brightens up that corner of the garden and the dark leaves of the sambuca (another Plant Exchange bargain) contrast with the hellebores and agapanthus. 


Q.  The Gardening Job I Love.

A.   I love pruning and can’t wait to get my hands on the laurel bush. 

Q.   The Gardening Job I Hate.

A.   I hate pulling things out.  I like the overgrown look; we don’t have gaps.  If I must pull something out, I’ll let it flower first before taking it out.  I hate to throw plants away - our Bay Tree was a rescue plant, about to be thrown out & we rescued it and heeled it in in the dark!  Since the demise of the chicken, Jasper, the tortoise, rules the roost, but when he goes AWOL it can be a job to find him in the borders!


Q.   My Favourite Season.

A.   Spring – I love the new growth and beautiful fresh green colours.

Q.   My Favourite Plant.

A.   Hellebores and daffodils – the first flowers of the year are the most precious, after the greyness of winter.  This year I have grown parrot tulips for the first time and I love them for their bright colours and blowsiness! 

Q.   My Dream Garden would have...

A.   Both sunny and shady, woodland areas.  There would be space for outdoor living, where you could sit and enjoy the garden.  My garden is to live in, to be peaceful in and to share with people. 

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